New Song by Micah Goska



“Music Box”


New Dark Rock

Digital Album “Gone Again”



Listen here to the EP Eye of the Crow


1. Calm Storms

2. Heartbreaker

3. Dead Ends

4. Eye Of The Crow

5. Soul Serene

6. Metaphysical Bliss

This was a musically independent made album.

Recorded and mixed with Relic Nouveau (Justin Cason).



~The following was released June 28th 2014 at Rapunzel’s Lovingston.
Produced at The Packing Shed Records.

“Clamor Company”

1. Clamor Company

2. Glory Morning

3. Latent Lantern

4. Words and Worlds

5. The Old Oak Tree

6. Scant

7. Alone Blues

8. The Honey

9. Silver and Gone

10. Day Old

11. Chimes

12. The Boogie Jam Store

Copyright 2014


~The following was released December 29th 2012.
This was produced in a fella’s home studio.

“The Blue Sessions”
New Cover

1. Pitiful Sorrow

2. Lumatic (Instrumental)

3. American Blue

4. Clouded Charade (Instrumental)

5. Time Takes Us

6. Sanguine (Instrumental)

7. Train Talking Blues

8. Peace Bee (Instrumental)

9. Easy Darker Plea

10. Blue Moon

11. Pins and Needles (Instrumental)

12. Solitude Blues (Instrumental)

13. Cumbersome Road

14. Old Times (Instrumental)

15. We Begin

16. Sardonic (Instrumental)

17. Passenger

All Copyright Reserved 2011/2012


~ Purchase Locally at
Charlottesville: Sidetracks
Lovingston: Rapunzel’s
Lynchburg: Speakertree

-Digital Music available for purchase on, and

~Also streaming here on Spotify.

Music Instruction

A community arts and education organization.

We are Musicians



Some press stuff from the Cville of Charlottesville Virginia.


Airplay from WNRN Charlottesville Virginia.

June 22 Localmotive

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