New Song by Micah Goska


New Dark Rock

Digital Album “Gone Again”



Listen here to the EP Eye of the Crow


1. Calm Storms

2. Heartbreaker


This was a musically independent made album.

Recorded and mixed with Relic Nouveau (Justin Cason).



~The following was released June 28th 2014 at Rapunzel’s Lovingston.
Produced at The Packing Shed Records.

“Clamor Company”

1. Clamor Company

2. Glory Morning

Copyright 2014


~ Purchase Locally at
Charlottesville: Sidetracks
Lovingston: Rapunzel’s
Lynchburg: Speakertree

-Digital Music available for purchase on, and

~Also streaming here on Spotify.

Music Instruction

A community arts and education organization.

We are Musicians



Some press stuff from the Cville of Charlottesville Virginia.


Airplay from WNRN Charlottesville Virginia.

June 22 Localmotive

Wnrn Playlist

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