Some of my woodwork and stuff.

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Micah is mainly self taught in drawing, but for the exception of a few weeks of tutoring from a local artist at sixteen, and some lessons from a portrait artist at the age of five.

~Dark Art~


~Colored Pencil Portraits~




Eli Full

Tiff Art Portrait 07:18:2014

Tiff Art Portrait 3 07:18:2014

A.C. Art Finish

V.P.Art FinishMom & Dad beach


~Abstract pieces~

Abstract 07:19:2015


Abstract 05:30:2015

06:04:2015practiceMom & Dad beach

Abstract 03:07:2015Mom & Dad beachAbstract 05:31:2014

mechanical-freehandAbstract 06:02:2014Abstract B.R. 07:25:2014Abstract 08:21:2014

Abstract 08:23:2014



Red Bellied Woodpecker
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