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Custom Rune Miter Box

Marquetry. Death bird! for a kitchen sink apron.


Coyote Skull with abalone fangs from the James River


Custom Vanity

Lathe Work

Hand Carvings


~Dark Art~

Art Prints are available through email.


~Verithin and assorted Colored Pencil Portraits~


~Freehand Abstract Pieces~


~Random Commission~

Red Bellied Woodpecker

~ Leatherwork ~

Copyright 2014

       ~Art using my homemade black walnut dye~

  • Bones and Rose Copperhead on sketchbook. Graphite, Ink, and Black Walnut.
    Peregrine Falcon on Bristol. Lead, Ink, and black walnut dye.
    Owl skull in sketch pad. Graphite, Ink, and black walnut dye.